Note From the President,

As the President of the Rocky Mountain Foundation I’d like to share the exciting ways the RMF has been able to support Rocky Mountain churches. Below are just a few examples of the ways God has been able to use us to help the Mountain West region.

Matt Trombley, President

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As the president of the Rocky Mountain Foundation I would like to share some exciting building expansions across our region

The Rocky Mountain Foundation has had a part in these expansions through construction and permanent church building loans. We count I a privilege to come along side of these ministries that are reaching out to their communities.

Arapahoe Road Baptist Church

Arapahoe Road Baptist Church (ARBC) had not done an update of their building, especially their preschool area for many years and you could tell that it was aging. They decided that this was one area where they needed to upgrade their facility. I met with them and discussed the construction/permanent loan process with them and they got excited about the possibly if this project becoming a reality. The church proceeded to get some plans drawn up as well as doing a cost analysis and the Rocky Mountain Foundation Loan committee approved this project and away they, ARBC went on this project. ARBC finished this project and their preschoolers moved into their new classrooms.
“Matthew Perry, their pastor, stated, “our aim with our preschool ministry was defined by the acronym SEAL: a place that’s secure, efficient for our teachers in keeping things up to date, atmosphere for kids to learn about Jesus, and to leave a legacy in Christ to help all of us in the generations ahead, keeping an active movement for Christ and community.” See some pictures below. The pastor also said, “Working with the Foundation was a pleasant, helpful, and encouraging experience. They are always available to answer questions and to help navigate through what can be a trying process.”

High Plains Fellowship, Lamar

High Plains Fellowship is a relatively new church plant, about a year old, located in Lamar. The Lord had been blessing them and the church started to yearn for a place of their own. They found this store front in Lamar that looked like the perfect places, so they talked to the owner and found out the price of this facility. The church wen to their local bank and due to them being so new they declined their loan. Paul Floyd came to the Rocky Mountain Foundation and asked if we could do a loan for them to purchase this building. The Loan Team evaluated their application and approved this loan. The church purchased this store front and remodeled and held their grand opening on February 11. I was able to attend and it was quite the celebration. See pictures of this celebration below.
The church said to me, “now we have a place of our own to real our community for Christ.” Paul Floyd said, “it was a pleasure to work with the [Rocky Mountain Foundation]. Every person we interacted with was professional, informative and knowledgeable. Their service was personal and filled with grace as they worked with us through every step of the loan application.”

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