Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for the Rocky Mountain Foundation is comprised of a group of professionals who work in the areas of finance, accounting, banking, lending, real estate, and business.  They are also active members of Southern Baptist Churches throughout the Mountain West who understand the challenges of advancing the Kingdom of God in an emerging region.  The Board meets regularly to discuss and oversee the business affairs of the RMF and each board member serves on one of three RMF committees – Investments, Loans, and Development.

Investment Committee – The Investment Committee gives direction and advice to the Board of Directors on the prudent investment of funds by the Foundation.  The members guide, direct, review and monitor Foundation investments.  The Investment Committee also provides investment opportunities for member churches throughout the region.

Loan Committee – The Loan Committee reviews all applications to the Foundation for loans and makes appropriate recommendations concerning applications and current loans to the CEO and the Board.  The committee reviews church grant requests and presents them to the Board as needed.

Development Committee – The Development committee is responsible for developing a plan and vision to implement strategies that achieve the objectives of the Foundation and serve our member churches.  The committee equips the Board through training opportunities to educate, facilitate, and promote participation with member churches, and establishing partnerships with appropriate agencies to ensure prudent stewardship and cost effectiveness.