Will & Trust

The Rocky Mountain Foundation offers to our churches the opportunity to host a Will & Trust Seminar.   This seminar is intended to encourage your church members to think about their end of life financial decisions.  There are at least 70% of all Americans who have not done their will or trust.   This means that somebody else could be deciding where your monies will be going if you die without having a will or a trust.   Many people have been building a financial heritage throughout their lives.  Through this seminar, church members can continue to finalize that heritage and make sure that their monies go in their intended direction.

Interested in hosting a Will & Trust Seminar?  Contact Doug Lohrey at (720) 372-7313 to schedule a seminar date.


Do you have a passion for ministry? Would you like to help that ministry be better funded? As you think about your long term financial goals, do you want to help this ministry? Then, you need to consider an endowment fund. Currently the Rocky Mountain Foundation has endowments for the following passions: scholarships, church grants, loans, church planting, Nicy Murphy Mission Offering and others.

If you have a passion for one of these endowments or have an additional passion, please contact the Baptist Foundation. Let’s discuss how to make your passion come alive.

Camp Scholarships

Peak (Kids) and Summit (Students) Camps at Ponderosa Retreat and Conference Center

The Foundation feels strongly about assisting young people to attend Peak or Summit Camps, held at Ponderosa Retreat and Conference Center. Applicants must attend a Colorado Baptist Church and be recommended by their church/pastor, which is also financially encouraging the child. After attending camp, the applicant agrees to furnish a testimony of “What Camp Meant to Me.”


Thank you for your generous partnership in giving toward our students going to Youth Camp! This was a milestone week in the faith journey of many of our students. We had 16 professed decisions, including five salvations and two that surrendered to missions & ministry! God is working powerfully in our students, and [the RMF is] a significant partner in what He is doing.

Kelly Parrish
Lead Pastor of Living Rock Church in Timnath, CO


Due to the generosity of the Foundation and an endowment left by one of our laypeople who loved college students, we offer some small scholarships to students who are either going to seminary or a Christian college.

For more information, click the “Guidelines” button below. To apply, download the application, complete and mail it to Rocky Mountain Foundation, 10390 Bradford Rd, Littleton, CO 80127, Attention: Scholarship Committee. Remember we must receive the complete application with references by April 1 each year.


The Foundation has a desire to see Rocky Mountain churches strengthened and to be healthy spiritually as well as financially.  Therefore, we offer audit services to our churches. Many churches have taken advantage of this offer.

During these audits, the church can learn proper policies and procedures for collecting and processing the offerings, accounting practices, payroll, employee manual, and other matters pertaining to the safety and security of the church.

If you are interested, please contact the office for more information or to schedule an appointment with Doug Lohrey

Stock Cash Out Services

Many of our church members are now making their contributions through planned stock donations, but the issue for the church is that they do not have a brokerage firm or a brokerage account. The Foundation offers its brokerage account as a clearing house for churches.

How does this work? If one of your church members would like to give a stock donation, they should call Kathy Karr at our office, 720-372-7317. She will guide you through the process, which usually takes three days from start to finish. The Foundation charges a small handling fee. Please see the handling fee schedule below:


Donated Stock Value

Less than $4,000
More than $4,000



Church Grants (Emergency Situations)

The Foundation has been given a couple of endowments by individuals to help provide small emergency grants to Southern Baptist Churches. Below you will find the endowment policies that we must follow:

  1. Grant money is to be used only for emergency situations. An emergency is defined as an unexpected event which creates need, and for which the applicant has insufficient resources.
  2. Grants will only be awarded to Southern Baptist Churches and ministries.

Please contact the Rocky Mountain Foundation for further information.