We were able to get a better rate of return and the money we invest benefits other Colorado churches, especially small churches that struggle to get loans from banks.

Conley Shelander, Former Pastor of Fourway Baptist Church

In 2001 the Baptist Foundation of Colorado, now known as the Rocky Mountain Foundation, was reactivated. At that point, the BFC was not providing any investment opportunities for our churches. Since then,  we have made a concerted effort to offer investments in a wide range of categories.

Our Goals

A good return on every church's investment.
Churches know that their investments are being used for ministry purposes.

We want to thank you for investing in the Rocky Mountain Foundation funds.  By investing you have not just invested in the ongoing ministry of the Foundation, but more importantly you are helping our churches with building needs and the furtherance of the Gospel Ministry in the Mountain West.

Who Can Invest?

Churches and Not-for-Profit Organizations:

The Rocky Mountain Foundation is your investing headquarters.  We are capable of investing in any of our investments.  Please investigate each fund in which you would like to invest and go to “How to Invest?”


The Rocky Mountain Foundation regrets that we are unable to accept individual investments at this time.

What Investment Funds Are Available?

Short Term

This investment functions like a Money Market fund.  An investor is allowed to withdraw and deposit monies into this account.  The interest rate is variable and subject to change.  The minimum investment is $1,000.  Because these funds are used to help church building projects, we can offer a better rate than local banks.  Funds are invested in a large pool of loans.

Fixed Rate

This investment functions like a Certificate of Deposit.  We offer one, two, three, four and five year investments. The fixed rate investment will provide you with a greater rate of return.  The minimum investment is $1,000.  These funds are used to help church building projects.

Long Term (LTIP)

This investment portfolio includes Exchange-Traded Funds (stocks, bonds, REITs, etc) and church-loan funds.  The minimum investment in this portfolio is $5,000.  Due to volatility we encourage churches to only invest in this portfolio if the church is willing to leave its investment in the portfolio for five years.

How do You Begin Investing?

Begin by determining the length of time you can invest your funds.
After doing this select your investment choice below, and complete the application.

Applications can be mailed or emailed.