Difficult Economic Times

For many churches, these are difficult times. We are facing a time when our members are trying to deal with the ups and downs of economic problems. This means that our churches are struggling to make budget, are trying to pay their bills and to preach messages of hope.


Here are some principles that we need to consider during these times:

Remember that God is still on His throne

There are many times when we preach this principle, but there are many times that we really don’t live what we believe. When we are living through tumultuous times we need to remember this simple fact, God is still on His throne. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, and He is still on His throne. Do we believe this?

Review your Core Ministry

What is the core of your ministry? What is your ministry trying to accomplish? Why do you exist as a ministry? When you find the answer to these questions, then you need to make sure that your budget gives you the same answer. In good times, it is very easy to expand your budget to the point that it gives your people mixed messages, when you face economic problems it is time to get back to your primary ministry. Then make sure that your people own the same primary ministry.

Renewal of Prayer

This principle is ultimately important. We say that we believe in prayer, but most of our churches really only give prayer lip service. We really don’t pray with fervor. In fact, I admit that I do not pray as fervently as I should. We need to pray for God to so move in our churches and in our communities that other people will see the confidence that we have in our God. In tumultuous times people around us will be looking for people who are not living in worry, in anxiousness, or in dread. If we have an intimate relationship with the God that sits on His throne then we will provide a testimony to those around us. Let’s lead our churches to pray.

Revival of Spiritual Gifts

In good times it is easy to throw money at ministries. I know that sounds totally ridiculous, but it is true. When we have ministries we should be encouraging people who have specific spiritual gifts with which to get involved, we should not be putting more monies toward these same ministries. When we come to tumultuous times we need to revive the need for people to use their spiritual gifts. We know that this principle should be true in all times, but we tend to revert to money instead of ministry. Now is the time to find our spiritual gifts and to use them.

Finally, Return to Simplicity

Ministry is simple and we have made it too complex. Return to what is simple; see your core ministry rise above. We tend to make ministry complex, but it is simple. Our Lord simply said, make disciples! Win people to the Lord and then make them mature believers. This principle is the simple truth of our Lord.


I want to thank you, the pastors of our churches for being on the front lines during these tumultuous times. These are the times when revivals have started. I pray that one would begin in us and sweep Colorado and America.